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comment. >> my name is john soriano and i own the building right behind the sycamore. so this is the back patio that they referring to and this wall right here is the building where i live also. and i'm here because i'm here to protest the permission of their temporary or their limited live performance permit, because no. 1, they actually perform all kinds of [ [ music [ [ [ music not just bluegrass. they have djs and movie nights, i have called the police department and this started in april of 2011. almost -- literally almost once, twice a week i have to report them. because their music goes beyond -- goes past actually 10:00 or all the way up until midnight. sometimes the police actually get to their place since it's not a priority issue at around 10:00, 11:00 and they are still playing music. >> okay. >> and also, they have two entrances, both the front and the back and this building is actually not insulated and they are playing amplified music. the front of the restaurant is, as you can see, the front of the restaurant is all glass. the front almost one-half o
a presentation by john klun gi, and he is back today, he's going to provide more information on this item. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, john, the central subway program manager. i'm pleased to note that while i don't have an outstanding video that i just saw of the parks, i do have a powerpoint presentation that will show case the proposed union square station, the northern entrance of the union street market square station that i'll be showing you today and before i start the slide show, i would like to add that this design has been in six years of design development and i'm very pleased and proud to announce that i believe that your vote today will actually be the last public hearing for the designing construction of the four stations that will comprise of the central subway station, and this station has received approvals from previous commissioner from the rec and park commission, the planning department, the historic preservation committee, the union district improvement district, the arts commission and finally civic design. the central subway's essentially phas
amendment. >> city attorney. >> to the -- i'm sorry. >> john, deputy still attorney, i want to confirm what that amendment would say, so it's c-1 shall be a resident of district 6, c-2 shall be a resident of district 10, they should be of a city of no specific district, was that your intent? >> i'm okay with that but it was specific that i would like them to represent the area plan. it wasn't specific that they had to live in the area plan but they represent the two out of the three area plans. >> not necessarily. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> how will it work, if they own property is there not a financial conflict of interest on voting on any of those issues? >> mr. gib ner? >> that depends, there could be conflicts. >> to the maker on the motion, your thoughts on that? >> i did not ask that they had to reside in the air y plan but they are represent give because they've lived in the area. >> so, they don't have to live in the district? >> no, what the city attorney had stated was they were district 6 and 10 residents that represent the two out of the three area plans. >> so, that is the inte
. givener, our city attorney. >> deputy city attorney john givener. as the committee members know, the residency requirements that is imposed on a number of different committees and boards is waivable in certain cases when the board or committee was created by an ordinance. in this case the requirement is that the member holding the seat be a property owner. that specific requirement in the ordinance is not waivable. so, that's just a mandatory requirement. >> thank you, mr. givener. at this time, can we hear paul giusti? >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is paul giusti. i'm a resident of district 8 and i am applying for the graffiti advisory committee to be reappointed. i've actually been involved in the graffiti advisory committee since the beginning. i think it's been, ghosh, i want to say 7 or 8 years now. and the work that we've done, it's just too much to really even get into in two minutes. but i'm really proud of the work we've done. it's outlined in our annual reports. we instituted or helped develop the blight policy or ordinance here in san francisco. i thought w
and actually we've been working closely with john malmed and have some new legislation that the board will probably introduce next week to deal with all of these corrections, including that one. at the same time, we thought it an opportunity to offer a premium 3r service, which would mean that customers coming in who had an urgency similar to premium plan review could pay a little more and have the report generated in a shorter period of time. that, of course, is tied to staffing realities that we are still working on. so, this is a work in progress. it won't happen overnight, but that's what this item is about for your discussion today. >> is there a comment? >> obviously the 3r, has been kind of -- maybe this is directed at you [speaker not understood]. so, as far as i understand, you're correcting the language from 100 to 160, correct, that's what this is all about in front of us? >> that's one of the items, yes. that's one part of one of the fee tables in this legislation that is being introduced at the board. >> right. okay. so, and i think your comments are very relevant to the
and his crossing the border and becoming a brain surgeon that saved people's lives at johns hopkins university. and those are my long range goals. language access and easing legalization. immediately, i hope we have to make the community more accessible and welcome the immigrants and not afraid to talk about the important issues. and i'll give you copies of the things i'm leaving out. >> thank you, commissioner haile. next we have haregu gaime. >>> thank you, chair kim and supervisors. my name is haregu gaime and i'm an immigrant in the united states who lives in san francisco now. i've been on the commission for two years now. and for the most part in the last two years i feel [speaker not understood]. commissioner haile worked here prior to me, spoke of all the work that's being done. and i feel like we're leading up to what this commission is capable of and i've been getting exposed by going to the different districts that [speaker not understood] the city of san francisco has, one of them being your district, actually, last month, chair kim. and one of the things that i'm learni
. we are joined by my colleagues, the vice chair, john avalos is in route and we are joined by committee members commissioners christine olague and hope schmeltzer and the other commissioners are enroute. the clerk is alisa miller and we are grateful to the follow members of the sfg tv staff and jesse larson and john ross. madam clerk if you could please call item number two and we are joined by the vice chair. >> item two is approval of the minutes from the last meeting special meeting. >> great. commissioner schmeltzer. >> i move to approve the minutes. >> do we have a motion? before we act on that motion we will act any member of the public that would like to speak. seeing none. we have a motion and a second. if we could take that without objection. thank now we can call item three. >> item three is community reports and sf program 448rand status of the public utilities commission. >> great and i will turn it over to first our executive 5n5nxzof nancy miller and we are joined by the assistant general manager, barbara hale but i want to simply note that we hit a pre
. (applause) >> thank you, kiloton. and i have another presentation. i'd like to ask officers john cafe and officers david sands as well as we have here with us captain mowser. we have our commander who is here. if you could please come up. we'll give them some time. i know that officer cafe just had surgery and hopefully will take the time to recover fully. but let me just say this is a presentation that has been a long time coming. and i think that i can honestly say not only on behalf of myself, but on behalf of my entire office that the work that we have done with officers cafe and sands in many respects has been the most fulfilling work that we have done since i was elected to the board of supervisors. the way that -- let me tell you a little bit about sort of how we got to this point. and we all have talked about and heard about community policing and the importance of having a police department that is connected to the neighborhoods that it serves. one day i was walking down 24th street, i think i was actually maybe going to get a burrito. officer cafe approached me. officer gang
name is john doll and i promise to be brief. this is a follow up to an information item that was presented two weeks ago. regarding a staff recommendation for a selection process for the pier 38 rehabilitation project. at that time, port commissioners provided input with this selection process. as noted in the staff report, commissioners inquired whether there was a way to rehab and retenant the bulkhead building quickly and also develop a way to consider developer qualifications for long-term plan for the rest of pier 38. there was also a certain whether there was a way to improve the physical appearance of the pier 38 shed. and finally there was an inquiry whether or not there was a pose blts to engage the developers one for the bulkhead project and the longer term redevelopment of pier 38. in response to this input, the staff has listened and recommends the following pier 38 project objectivities that would be inserted into the rfp. one, top priority would be to quickly repair and reteb ant the pier 38 bulkhead and two, respondent to this rsp process may submit to a m
of it 100%. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have john farrell, christian a and then [inaudible]. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is john fa*irl and speaking of this room takes me back a few years at a time when most of you were -- certainly weren't old enough to remember that this room was a superior court courtroom as was the whole fourth floor, that's where i cut my jib in trying cases as an
is the project's sponsor to implement the construction, and john thomas of dpw is also here today. the city is supplying $5 millen to fund the work. in 2008 to 2010. the city planning department completed the fisherman's warf plan which includes the proposed jefferson street plan, jefferson street is the main commercial spine of fisherman's warf. the east end is near pier by powell street. jurisdiction includes all sidewalks and up to the building faces on the south side. the jefferson street plan is bold, for the two blocks before you it takes a 37 foot width street with two travel lanes and parking on each side and narrowing it to 24 feet. jefferson would also be changed from one way to two way, making it easier to understand and reach destinations. the street would not... the section, it shows it as much. the street would not have parking but could accommodate loading and service loading that would occur during the morning hours, bike access would also improve as they would gain two way access by using the street and mixing with slow-moving vehicles. the existing sidewalk and the north s
moultrie. >> thank you. for this item we have john updike. >> good morning members of the committee. john updike, director of real estate . this item seeks approval of a renewal license agreement for telecommunications at 99 moultrie, in bernal heights, surrounded by the park. i have a location map on the overhead for you. more specifically, the actually facility itself. you can see the existing tower and associated building that houses the equipment that serves that tower. this was actually a city-owned facility, along with the park around it. until it was purchased by at&t in 1961 through a condemnation action against the city. the park still remains a city asset. there's easement rights through that park. as a park, that condemnation settlement in 1961, the city retained certain rights to limited number of pieces of equipment through the tower and adjacent building. if the city required additional pieces then we needed to execute a second ago agreement with ownership of the tower and pay market rate for that. since 1993, that, in fact, has been the case. the city has had a separate lic
. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm john elbing i'm president of the taco group and i am speaking over my three decades of experience in the redevelopment. i have my letter here of the distribution. >> the name of this new agency is incredibly awkward and you can make it better. that is a small thing, much more important is a full record of all of the assets we are talking about transferring to this new body. it may not just be the three remaining project areas or the housing, the agency had other substantial assets in the gardens that are still there and also at issue in dissolution, i cannot tell reading this document whether that whole complex with the gardens and that property goes to the new entity or does not. in addition, there are quite a few outstanding, loans and agreements with commercial properties in the old project areas, there was an addition, that need to be monitored and enforced and sometimes amended. it is not clear what is the disposition of those contracts and those loans and other assets. that needs to be spelled out and i
and high school, june john high school and thurgood marshall academic high school. and i'm here representing our youth who couldn't be here today. they had strong feelings about the m-o-u process. and just to ensure that it's really respectful to students and the way that it's created and developed. so, i'm really glad to hear them speak about extending the process for more community groups to get them involved and make sure we do more than what was in the previous m-o-u to make sure students rights are respected where students won't be arrested in the classroom, where the police department is actually submitting data and reports about what they are doing in the school so that the community can be aware of it and make sure that things are happening in a way that we kind of envision them. we work with a lot of students who had issues with the police, being harassed by the police in their neighborhood to being profiled. it makes them it important for police to be at school to provide safety. it's really about how do we bridge that gap and make sure the police are there to serve an
and [speaker not understood] commitments. and then, so, also john avalos is a huge advocate for our community, but it's important to have the community involved. >> thank you, ms. garcia. >>> thank you very much. >> and next we will hear mr. walker. if you would like to speak today. and are there any other applicants that were not listed? okay. oh, i'm sawyer, i thought you were not here today. >>> i'm not alex. i'm henry [speaker not understood]. >> great. so, henry, we'll hear you right after william. >>> good afternoon, chair and supervisors. my name is william walker and thank you for hearing my application today at the rules committee. i'm the student trustee at city college of san francisco and i'm a native of district 8. i now live in district 11, just one block from balboa park bart station on lewis burk street. i participated on the facilities review committee as a member of the participatory governance process at city college of san francisco. so, the building that now faces [speaker not understood] as a part of a committee that worked on the plans, actually look at how we could lin
is supervisor john avalos, the chair. i'm joined by christina olague, the vice chair and supervisor eric mar. the clerk is dean na braley. our staff at sfgtv, who are helping broadcast are jesse lar son and nona millconian. madam clerk. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and devices. completed cards to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 16th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. could you please call our one item. >> a hearing regarding theft scams targeting older asian women. >> thank you. this is an item that has been sponsored by supervisor eric mar. supervisor mar, the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair avalos. thank you for coming, everyone, this morning. the past few months we have been hearing, especially in the chinese media of these types of theft scams targeting chinese elderly. they have made me very angry. not just because it is criminals praying on some of our most vulnerable but also it's been heavily impacting not only chinatown but richmond and sunset dis
to have -- set up special meetings with regard solely for this? >> yes. >> john malmed from the city attorney's office. yes, you can set up special meetings of the commission. you could create -- you can do that today because it's not agendized, but you can create a subcommittee of the commission that takes the lead and they would meet separately as a smaller group on a more regular basis rather than trying to assemble the whole commission * . the commission could give authority like they did last time to the president or another commissioner to kind of take the lead and then report back and set up meetings with the full commission as needed. >> commissioner lee. >> i don't -- i just propose that we duplicate like last time, which is give the president the authority to take the lead. and if you need the commission to meet, we hold special meetings and just decide everything out in the open here. >> and as an addition, the goal would be to bring back the responses from the search firms who are interested in doing the jobs. and then setting up, you know, maybe meeting with the departme
to implement the construction, and john thomas of dpw is also here today. the city is supplying $5 millen to fund the work. in 2008 to 2010. the city planning department completed the fisherman's warf plan which includes the proposed jefferson street plan, jefferson street is the main commercial spine of fisherman's warf. the east end is near pier by powell street. jurisdiction includes all sidewalks and up to the building faces on the south side. the jefferson street plan is bold, for the two blocks before
of real estate for the city. >> good afternoon chair mar, members of the committee. i am john updike with real estate and this is a summary easement located southwest of jesse street. i'm going to put a map on the over head. the area is highlighted in red here. right in the center of the block. so it's just southwest of the end of jesse street, southwest of tenth street. the easement was for a sewer line that is no longer in use. planning issued and their plan and remember didded contingency and letter here and all of the squeaka motions were carried through as listed here. all of those are on file with the clerk. and the additional number recommending that the file. and this is an easement done by an independent appraiser and calls for payment to the city for 77,000-dollar for the conveyance once vacated. this is a closer look at the actual easement area. and there are some physical items to be removed as part of the on going construction. the funds return to the department of jurisdiction which in this case is the sfpuc. i that commission approved the conveyance and the
the legislation and its amendment. thank c3nyou. >> supervisors, good afternoon. john conner. i am a speaker from the -- [inaudible] being repetitious and can i get a show of hands of people in support of it is legislation. i was a member of the working trust fund for many months and part of the goals of the housing trust fund was a stimulus as well for smaller builders so they can get some of the projects can't get credit for many years get them off the ground. just to revirtback 1992 the first policy was adopted. in 2002 and ten units or more. 2006 dropped to less than five and then 1/20 of the five unit building. that was the analysis done at the time so i don't think there was any justification back in 2006 for reducing the inclusionary to five units. as a result one project has moved forward since 2006. there was two really good years of economic housing boom here from 2006 to when leavein brothers collapsed and no projects submitted at that time so the downturn didn't effect. it was the legislation of the five to nine units. personally i build three buildings in this range of five t
. and then after the city attorney's office, we'll hear from the mayor's office. >> john gib ner, deputy city attorney, i will be brief. we were asked to respond to three findings, numbers 5, 6 -- four findings, 5, 6, 7 and 12 and three recommendations, 1, 3 and 4, i believe olse responded to number 5, basically the same content as we did, finding number 6 regarding auditing by olse, we deferred to that department. finding number 7, that when a business tells customers it's going be using a surcharge for one purpose and uses it for a different purpose, that is consumer fraud, we agree with the grand jury on that, as you all know, our office has a long tradition of aggressively enforcing consumer fraud laws and of course we'll continue to do that. finding number 12 is -- states that hra's may not be an allowable option nrords to the health care plan, as to several of the responses indicated, there are pending regulations in implementing the care act and once those regulations are issued, we will of course brief the board and all affected city departments under effect on our ordinance. as for t
this with john updike, head of city real estate who approved the purchase price. it's part of our obligation to meet and confer with city real estate on transactions of this magnitude. we did this early on. >> well, i think it's a great location. i have seen the building and it certainly land that we need and building that we need. so. >> thank you. yeah, given the amount of work they are going to be doing in that area. an extra footprint would be nice. any public comment? >> ms. jackson? >> i will like to say this is very good. you know, it takes me back when it was under the water department. the water department staff. that's where they were. it's great to see that all of the staff of puc in that area will be in one location. it's very good for the department. and i just like because see i go a long way back. i can speak about and i asked the director a minute ago about something i brought up about the meetings of the c.a.c. to be brought back to bayview, hunter's point. mr. bryant. >> president moran and board members, first of all, this is a great building. i want to, you know, i didn't
all of the files you can't help, but to say if he isn't going to rest i'm got no going to rest. john nagucchi at the tourism bureau, they are not resting and you have doreen woo ho at the part and america's cup and the whole staff working because waterfront, that is where it's happening. and so they are not resting. let me tell you the results of not resting for a year. san francisco businesses have created 22,500 jobs in last year. including 13 new jobs in the technology sector alone. unemployment during the last two years when i first began as your interim mayor went from 9.6 to 7.6, two full digit points during that time. to translate that means 25,000 san franciscans are back to work this last year. and according to the recent department of labor report, san francisco, the metropolitan area had the strongest job growth in the last 12 months ending in july of 2012, and let me repeat, the strongest job growth in the country. no. 1 in the nation. [ applause ] thanks to all of you. and i also want to just share with you something that supervisors and i have been discussing intently.
to be relinquished from the housing [tho-rts/] to john stewart. so in that transition, what if any changes will be made to that "standard of good standing?" >> yes. >> that is a little bit unclear and we within the to make sure and ensure had a every resident that is there now and any unit of housing, when the transition happens from the housing authority to the private management company. that no one is lost or as we heard earlier today, falls through the cracks in the midst of that transition. >> thank you. supervisor olague, did you want to ask mr. alvarez? >> again, thank you, mr. alvarez and kyle, i forgot your last flame, for [tpha*-eufpl/], for name of for all of your assistance. i have heard a lot of concerns around displacement at those sites. so i don't know if you could len to this. >> supervisor, thank you, henry alvarez from the housing authority. i don't know much about marcus gardens. we don't manage those, but in hunters view the notion of right to return and we believe that is an important clarification that and distinction that needs to be made is simply if you are
lost john baker, i highly regarded 28-year employee. in 1984 he started as a track worker, became finally track superintendent. he will be greatly missed and i would like to ask the board's consent to adjourn in his memory. >> one more communication, no close session. item 6. >> new or unfinished business. being none, thank you. >> item 7, directors report. >> good afternoon mr. chairman members of the board, , public, staff. at the last meeting i provided a reminder that upcoming was the 49th annual cable car bellringing competition. i asked that the competition be in mr. baker's honor, a tremendous loss. we had a great event. on september 6. we had strong sponsorship from girardelli chocolate, uncle vitto's pizza, the chancellor hotel, again the comedian debbie durst, acted as the mc. it was big time to get debbie durst.>> >> >> can you tell a few jokes for us? >> i was commenting to my staff that mta and -- figure prominently. i will leave it at that. we did have for amateur bellringers, competing for various charities, went before the professional competition. the winn
. john doyle from the puc is here if you have any questions. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. about three years ago the pta at alvarado school was extremely interested in a solar project in terms of educational value for the students. at that time they did approach the puc about doing a project. as a consequence of that, and after a lot of discussion, development and work, we did actually proceed with a project at the alvarado school. it is a 50 kilo watt solar system. it is actually being completed. we did that in conjunction with dpw. the project is completed. it is not connected to the grid. the purpose of this resolution is enter into an agreement, which is a standard interconnection agreement with pg&e. that is pretty much a pro forma standard for solar projects. a standard agreement approve bid the california public utilities commission. actually non-negotiable. so we are asking for your support to be able to have the general manager implement this with pg&e. >> thank you. a quick question for this project. not so much the item before us, but how was it pai
to hear john avalos talk about how important a resource our recreation and parks are, but at the same time, we should be aware that the state of california really doesn't care about parks and its citizens, in fact, they routine any rip us off and say there's funds that aren't there when they are there, and this is the motus operendi for the state of california to act regardless for what san francisco feels and then they act like communists and they say we're going to tell you what you need in your park, we're going to tell you how to run your parks, well, that isn't consistent with democracy and american culture, but you don't seem to care about, do you, you just have your agenda and keep playing your little games with people and ripping them off, and you really don't seem to care about the consequences or the results of your actions. collateral damage, do you know the meaning of that word? what is the collateral damage when you have a very equestrian area as the bay area is in san francisco and you close one of their important recreational sites and you say you're going to modernize it, r
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 94 (some duplicates have been removed)